January 2014 the weather was very, very cold with many days with highs of less that 5 degrees a great deal of snow regularly (No Major Storms). Signs, lights and decorations were taken down, tested and boxed for future use.  Normal pruning of apple trees and equipment maintainence was not done due to excessive cold temperatures.


 Weather continued colder than prior years most days the high temperature was and heavier snow falls throughout the month. Some Apple pruning was accomplished.


Complete pruning of apple trees. Tune up the chainsaw and cut all stumps as low as possible, cull out trees that were killed by cold! Also do some butt pruning if time and weather allows? When frost leaves the soil and it is dry enough, plow or roto-till and prepare for spraying pre-emergence herbicide to reduce impact of weeds.


Major changes in weather occured this month.  Temperatures, varied from freezing to as high as 85 degrees.  A significant amount of rain was received this year and much flooding was experienced in the Chicago area.  Pollination of the trees was affected, bees populations were reduced due to cold weath and those that survived could not fly and the strong winds blew off a significant amount of blossom.

Rototilling and spraying of Herbicide in Orchard, finished pruning of Apples.  Conditions do not look better for Apples and our tree seedling planted in  2013.


Grass and Weed cutting began, we continued butt pruning, and root pulling of Christmas trees, checked trees for hatching of "Pine needle scale", and Saw Fly caterpillars, sprayed as necessary. Sprayed herbicide on broad leaf weeds.

Start spraying Apples at intervals of 14 to 20 days Untill first of August.


Began Christmas tree shearing (shaping of each tree). Also continue to cut grass and control weeds. The weather in June we continued to receive a great volume of rain than normal, requireing us to cut the grass more frequently.  A large number of older trees were removed and burnt from the plantation.

It was not necessary to hand water new Christmas Tree seedlings.


Unusually hot and dry weather continues.  Year to date more than 30 days over 90 degrees, with some over 100 during first week of July.





This month we will be preparing our farm equipment for winter and complete final trimming of Christmas Trees.


Start putting up Christmas Tree signs on Highway 47. Opening date is November 28, the day after Thanksgiving. Hours will be from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM Daily.

CLOSED On Mondays.

Order toilet. Trim the base of trees, where the lower limbs have been damaged by mowers, herbicide, weeds, or overgrown.



Continue selling Christmas Trees until December 20. For trees after this date please call 847.669.3251. .


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